Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Image Resizer

Here's the executable code for the Resizer described in an earlier post. It's a single MSI file that installs on your machine.

It requires the .Net 1.1 Runtimes.

You can download it here.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Changing Sharepoint Image Sizes

As we covered in an earlier post, it can be a challenge keeping Picture Libraries to a manageable size.

We've created this application to help squeeze images down to size.

Modern digital cameras create very large images, but in many cases there’s no point in having an image larger than the screen. This application reduces the size of your pictures to a specified size.

There are 3 steps once the application is loaded.

  1. Set the maximum size for the converted images. The default is 800 pixels by 600 pixels
  2. Select the images to convert
  3. Identify the output directory for the new images

You can see the screen shot here. Note that this "thumbnail" was produced using the program!

When you click the "Convert Files" button, the source images are processed. The proportions are kept, so if an image is reduced from 1200 pixels wide to 800 pixels, then the hight is kept to the same proportions.

If the source image is smaller than the given dimensions then it is not adjusted.

This application has been tested accessing images on a Sharepoint server directly (as described here). It has not been tested saving the new images back to the server.

Don't forget that replaceing the Sharepoint Picture Library images is easy. When you go to the Library and Upload an image there’s a “multiple Items” link. Click that and you can select the modified imagesand upload.


This is a first release of this resizer. I would suggest that you copy any images to a working directory before using this application, just in case the size of the created files are not to your liking.

This application has not been tested where the output directory is the same as the location of the input images. It would be wise not to do this.